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Supervision Ratios

When referring to the information below, a “Supervising Person” is someone who is 13 years of age and older, in appropriate swim attire and who is responsible for the participants in their care.

Guests aged


  • Each supervising person can supervise up to 2 participants aged 5 and under
  • Supervising person must be in the water park, within arms reach to the guests and be in appropriate bathing attire.
  • Supervising person is required to pay regular water park admission.

Guests aged


  • Maximum 8 guests per supervising person
  • Supervising person must be on the water park floor at all times and in appropriate bathing attire.
  • Minimum of one supervising person for every 8 participants aged 6 through 9 years old.
  • Supervising person is required to pay regular water park admission and must be within arms’ reach of guests who are under 48 inches tall when in the Lazy River and Wave Pool.

Guests aged

10 AND 11:

  • Supervising person must be within the water park floor area or viewing area at all times.
  • Direct supervision strongly recommended.
  • Supervising person can pay full admission or the Land Lover fee.  

Guests aged

12 AND up:

  • Participants may enter the water park on their own. Proof of age may be required.